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                Project Planning

                From the urban construction industry point of view, by taking the advantages of construction system service, using both the Chinese and Western visions, sticking to the national policy, following the industry development trends, and grabbing the actual de

                Integrated Design

                The company abides on the "systematic thinking, scientific analysis, integrated design, design” concept and in line with the target of being professional, distinctive, meticulous and innovative, based on a professional multi-disciplinary cooperation

                PPP Operations

                Based on the outstanding provincial investment platform, our corporation breaks the traditional designing system and industrial mode and is searching for the brand new path of development. We gradually grow up to a comprehensive and pluralistic urbanizati

                Urban Planning

                Our planning covers strategy, industry, space, finance and major projects, to realize innovation driving, city and industry integration, cultural promotion, “green” and “low carbon” concepts, and to create value for the city.

                Architectural Design

                Architectural engineering is always one of the core businesses of HBSJ. It includes the design of large-scaled public buildings and real estates.

                Municipal Design

                All kinds of public transportation, water supply, drainage, gas, urban flood control, environmental health and lighting and other infrastructure in the urban construction, are the indispensable material basis for the survival and development, and they are

                Landscape Architecture

                From the perspective of urban municipal planning, park design, street landscape design, urban green square design and residential area, with the help of landscape elements, HBSJ conducts planning and design, making the abstract into concrete.

                Green Design

                Our institute conducts design and planning with the green design thinking, we provide healthy life style and advertise ecological concept. The green and ecological design is not only a designing concept, but also a life attitude, it advocates protecting e

                Sponge Design

                We believe that the perspective urban planning is essential for country development. Our institute is guided by the ideology that business promotes the development of the country and simultaneously the business benefits from the country development. In ad

                Utility Tunnel Design

                As a new underground pipeline laying mode, the utility tunnel can offset the shortcomings of city underground infrastructure construction and is becoming an important turning point of our national underground pipeline construction history.

                Cost Consulting

                Our multi-disciplinary team provides professional services for engineering cost determination and control, including consulting, advices, monitoring and relevant information.

                Acoustic Design

                The application of the acoustic is getting more and more extensive, and has essential position in military, medicine and architectures, respectively. Especially in the architectural design, the architectural acoustics always attracts the attention of the