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        The current position:home page > Project Planning > Urban Planning

        Urban Planning

        HBSJ regards planning as the soul of the city. With "innovation-driving, city and industry integration, cultural promotion, “green” and “low carbon” concepts " as the guiding ideology, HBSJ provides customers with systematic urban and rural development solutions, which be well thought of, customization and referential.

        Urban and rural planning
        Including: the feasibility research report, overall planning, conceptual planning, regulatory detailed planning, construction detailed planning and urban design, etc.
        The company carries out the international advanced regional planning theory research, urban productivity analysis, promotion theory research and urban and rural integration research.

        Tourism planning
        The cultural tourism includes urban transformation, tourism project planning and urban system consulting services with cultural tourism as the core, etc. HBSJ devotes to the research and exploration of tourism relationship and development model in new urbanization and endowment living.

        Town planning
        Some famous towns such as town in Davos, Switzerland, the United States town of Greenwich hedge fund and French Provencal town, have their own industry characteristics, culture unique charm and ecological charm. HBSJ builds town which has its own landscape scenery, folk customs, native products, alleys, unique economic, industry personality and cultural history.